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John3963, Oct 31, 11 9:38 AM.
I would like to thank every 1 for the feww mining all last week, we really needed the minerals and u have been so very helpfull, thank you all
we have a new alliance member who joined so he had some melp running lvl 5s, yup thats what i said lvl 5s, so get ur best most powerfull ships to slays and prepair fpr some real fun, and salvage woot....
also every 1 is now a recruiter so plz keep look out for possible new members, spam as u travel it does work..
xc's freind has now joined and seemed kool so welcome him/her to corp and plz be as helpfull to the new members as u r to each other
   ty magideathj- ceo


John3963, Oct 28, 11 8:37 AM.
ok we have some new members plz make sure they r signed up to the site..
whs, we r waiting on the wh to open into galantte space, will need many peeps to help with the move, we will need security on this move......
remember that we must grow to get to our corps goals, so every 1 should be trying to recruit, all i am saying i guess is keep ur eye's out for potential new members and chat with them and spam as u travel...
ty magideatjh, CEO


John3963, Oct 21, 11 11:58 AM.
so we r finnaly moving some members to whs soon, like this week
be ready get the skills up and bew ready to haul what ever ammo u can carry
this is going to be an all day thing as we need alot of shit to go with
so start hoarding ammo
more info to follow


John3963, Oct 14, 11 1:29 PM.
so we have a few new members that have joined, plz make them feel at home and help them out as u can..
 we r not getting the faction standing up folks, this means we need to run many many more missions, the more missions we run as a corp!!!, the faster our standings will go up, sooooooooooo,, plz, join inb all the missions that r run , it would be a great help not to mention fun..
ty magideath CEO


John3963, Oct 4, 11 10:37 AM.
today is the new day and we r going to start recruiting, this means all of u
noobs r good but if possible older players,
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